Not-For-Profit Board Dilemmas

A book of practical case studies to help directors on not-for-profit boards to build skills and judgement. Why do people join the boards of not-for-profit organisations? Enthusiastic, altruistic and generous people give their time and effort to make a success of organisations in the arts, sports, health, education, religious and other sectors. The work is unremunerated yet rewarding; tiring yet energising; risky yet necessary.


The reasons for supporting any particular cause are many. So are the events that can, will and do happen inside the boardroom. Events that can see directors jailed, fined, and publicly vilified or praised, respected, and promoted. Good judgment can make the difference.


Nobody knows what to expect in the boardroom. Stuff happens. Directors need to react to the circumstances. They need to be aware of the people, the environment and the legal requirements of their role. They need to build success. These organisations are too important to fail. Directors need to guide them towards sustainable success by making the right decisions, in time, every time.


Working through the case studies in this book will help directors to make better decisions. Based on real life events in modern not-for-profit organisations these case studies will help directors to identify the key legal and practical issues and craft a winning strategy for their organisation. They are fun to read but seriously educational.


Written by an international expert and with contributions from forty board practitioners this book offers practical insights and clear examples to follow.

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Dilemmas, Dilemmas II

Dilemmas, Dilemmas II: More Practical Case Studies for Company Directors (Volume 2)

This book by one of Australia’s leading boardroom experts allows directors to practise and develop their judgement. Contributions from international governance experts, including directors, advisers, consultants, and academics provide insights that extend and enhance the ability of the reader to respond to situations that arise in boardrooms.


Directorship is about judgement and this book provides a range of responses from which readers can rapidly assess and enhance their own responses to more effectively meet the challenges of their own board roles. These case studies are drawn from real life. They are up-to-date, entertaining and educational. They will make you a better director!


With contributions from around the world and examples of applying good governance to commercial, family, not-for-profit and government sector boards this book is an authoritative and comprehensive source of inspiration for experienced and aspiring directors.

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Dilemmas, Dilemmas: Practical Case Studies for Company Directors

Dilemmas, Dilemmas – Practical Case Studies for Company Directors by Julie Garland McLellan. These real-life case studies assist directors to develop their judgement using current boardroom issues. Each case study is commented upon by three experts who provide insights into how issues may be addressed.


The need for governance responses to suit the organisation context, and the characters on the board, is highlighted by the diversity of views and insights from the authoritative international contributors.

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Prensenting to Boards

Presenting to Boards: practical skills for corporate presentations

A book of practical skills and tips for making successful board presentations.


Much is at stake when one makes a Boardroom presentation. Presenters are asking for consideration and decision-making at the highest level; gaining acceptance of new strategic proposals; making high-level sales involving significant investments; or building shared understanding and common identities. The ability to present effectively to boards is often important to career success.


Yet presenters are often unaware of the dynamics acting upon a director. Board protocols, behaviours, and legal liabilities may be very different from those in executive life. Understanding the boardroom environment is therefore fundamental to presentation success.


Most information on presenting is designed to help reluctant presenters to survive their ordeal. Very little is written or taught about how to excel and how to meet and surpass the expectations of highly discerning corporate audiences. Yet that is what boardroom presenters must do.


This book provides practical skills that will help make your boardroom presentations successful.


Written by an internationally acclaimed expert on corporate governance and filled with real life anecdotes and helpful tips, this book is a ‘must read’ for any executive who aspires to succeed in presenting at the highest corporate level.

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All Above Board: Great Governance for the Government Sector

Based upon Julie’s practical experience, this book contains opportunities for reflection that are designed to highlight governance principles that provide the reader with deep insight into how Boards deal with, or failed to deal with, the issues they are confronted with.


Readers who hold Chair or Director positions are invited to reflect on how their Board is currently dealing with similar issues.

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